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Our government election is over! Though the Labour party won a record third term, its majority was reduced drastically. Prior to Election Day, the outcome vacillated through differing degrees of uncertainty. Continuous interviews with candidates revealed that uncertainty, for they could not speak with conviction that they would be elected. They hoped they would, but said the day would reveal it. All the pundits, likewise, were not sure who would be elected, and in various ways covered their options.

How different for the believer. His election is from eternity. Not by anything that he would do, or by qualities or qualifications he possessed, neither by the will of man, but elected in Christ before the world began. Paul speaks to the church at Thessalonica in positive terms, “Knowing, brethren beloved, your election of God.” It is true that some Christians are hesitant about their election, having a lack of assurance, but they are encouraged by God, “To make your calling and election sure.” We can know our election by tracing back to our calling. If we have known and experienced being called out of darkness into His marvellous light, then we know our election. The Christian is not a candidate, but a possessor of his status in Christ, and in the government of His Kingdom.