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Danger of Wandering

I received a phone call from a friend whilst here in Lewis. He asked me whether I would like to see a monster of a salmon. So I jumped in the car, and drove about fifteen miles to where he was working. In one of the sheds of the fishery department lay the monster. It was 47 inches long, 26 inches in girth and 32 pounds in weight. The department were about to freeze it and send it south to a taxidermist for stuffing.

Apparently, a high tide had caused the river to overflow its banks. The salmon had wandered out of the main channel, and had swum out over the bank into shallow water. The waters had receded quickly and left the fish stranded high and dry.

That’s what happens when we wander from the ways of God. Instead of the safety, security and blessing of His way of righteousness, we can end up on the broad path that leads to destruction. Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, prone to leave the God I love, is a refrain that we can sadly and regrettably agree with. If the salmon had stayed in the main channel, it would be still swimming in its true environment instead of on a taxidermist’s slab