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Damaris & Lydia

In talking by phone to a retired minister in the Isle of Lewis, he told me that this week a young woman from his old congregation came out to the prayer meeting. In their Christian culture, this amounts to a confession of faith. This is the third young woman to come out to the prayer meeting since his retirement. 

But over the last two years, throughout the island, young females in ones and twos have been coming out in various churches. Also, there seems that in Stornoway and even on the mainland, young girls of twelve to fourteen years of age are showing an unusual interest in the Gospel. In Stornoway, for instance, the girls have solicited their Christian teacher for a Bible study before their 9.00 a.m. start at school. Apparently the study is packed, and they are asking the most incisive questions. 

It is interesting that the Spirit of God seems to be working mainly in females. Should salvation grace their hearts, then they will become mothers in Israel, and will have a formative influence on their children in years to come. May such concerns spread and even be our experience in Wales and in Singapore.