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The Creed of the Fool

It has been a long-time practice in the U.K. for Evangelical organisations, or wealthy Evangelical Christians to finance Scripture texts upon public transport. Buses and underground stations publicise the Gospel through these emblazoned Scriptures. London, particularly, became home for this kind of Scripture portrayal and advertisement.

But this week things have altered. Atheism and secularism have been increasingly vocal, aggressive and militant during 2008. Now, these anti-Christian movements are using the same tactics as Christians. They have spent 140 thousand pounds in advertising their own creed on the sides of buses. The slogan they have blazoned on transport is, “There is probably no God. So stop worrying and enjoy life.” This untruth has been publicised on 1,000 posters on the London underground, and on 800 buses throughout the U.K. 

It is interesting that the word, “Probably,” is used, rather than an outright assertion that there is no God. Howbeit, that may be tactic. How relevant that Scripture, “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.” I am reminded of graffiti that was sprayed on the wall of a New York subway. It read, “God is dead.” – Nietzsche. A week later someone had scrawled underneath, “Nietzsche is dead,” – God!