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Christ Liveth in Me

When I was a child I thought as a child. One of my thoughts was, when eating an apple or an orange, that if I swallowed a pip, then that could lodge and begin to grow. Somehow, an apple tree would take root from that pip, and grow up inside and take over! 

Recently that became a reality in the experience of a Russian farmer. He complained of being ill, and was bringing up blood. Taken into hospital with a suspected tumour, he was operated on. To the amazement of the surgeon, a fir tree was discovered growing from his heart. The little needles had punctured their surroundings and caused bleeding. It is thought that he had probably ingested a seed, and it had somehow lodged. The patient recovered from the operation and now lives a normal life. That is analogous to what happens to a sinner. His heart is barren, but then the seed of grace is implanted by God, and the TREE OF LIFE springs up from it. That is another name for Jesus Christ in the Bible. The life of Christ springs up and grows and grows. The heart of the believer is no longer dependant upon its own blood, but the blood of Christ the Saviour. “I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.”