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Chin Up, Look Up!

When Lot’s wife looked back, she was turned into a pillar of salt. Sorrow looks back, and a stony heart is turned to tears. Whether, on looking back, we regret actions, or remember blatant mistakes, or grieve over departed loved ones, sorrow springs from memory. 

But with anxiety one is forced to look around. Wondering what the future holds or fearful of the present, the mind becomes pensive and anxious. One can look around at personal problems, national dilemmas or the increase in the wickedness of the day, and become a prisoner to anxiety. 

Sorrow looks back, anxiety looks around, but faith looks up. How thankful we ought to be that faith has an eye, not on things that are seen, but looks to the Author and Finisher of it. Looks up to Jesus, exalted and transcendent over all the affairs of life. Faith rests its gaze on Him, and consequently sorrow and anxiety recede in importance. Look up, look up dear soul, for Christ is the answer to your anxiety and sorrow.