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Butterfly Flutter

The world, particularly the Western world, is now very conscious and alert to what is occurring in China. Its economy is gathering pace, and the next ten years will see it becoming a major industrial and financial force. The present economic stirrings in that country are being felt by the most powerful nations in the world. There is a Chinese saying, which declares that if a butterfly flutters its wings in China, its stirrings will be felt all over the world.

Similarly one small sin can spoil a ministry, or ruin a church, and even a denomination. One word can separate brethren, cause division, and ripple out into hundreds of lives. Conversely, one small good deed, one wise word or one loving gesture can have larger consequences that distil their influences into many lives. Let us then walk circumspectly and follow after those things that promote the good of others. We may be just a butterfly wing, but our lives have a bearing on innumerable people. Remember that one Carpenter has affected countless millions of lives.