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Books & Bibles, Literacy & Godliness

Sadly the education of British children has deteriorated during the last decades. Three in ten children live in homes without any books at all being present. A recent study has revealed this, and other alarming facts. Almost 40% of the children aged between 8 and 17, have less than ten books in their homes, and yet 85% own a games console, and 81% have mobile phones. In fact, England has slipped in the world literary ratings from seventh to twenty-fifth. And it has been proved that without the reading of books, these children have lower levels of attainment and expectation.

Also, a crossworld study has shown that homes in which there are twenty or more books, the children remain in education three years longer than those with empty bookshelves.

This being the case, then it is alarming that these homes have no Bible, and the children are never taught to read the Holy Scriptures. It is no wonder then, that the spiritual condition of the U.K. is so desperate. The poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, writing in 1819 about the state of England under the ruling classes, condemned it in the words: “Religion, Christless, Godless, — a book sealed.”