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Bold Print!

Listening to a programme on the radio about anger and its management, I was struck by a remark by one of the panellists. Speaking of her upbringing and her present anger against her parents (who are dead), she said that her father always spoke to her in Bold Print! Her profession as an ex-editor and now a journalist can be seen in the remark. What she meant was, that her father always shouted at her angrily, “YOU finish your food; YOU are not going out dressed like that; YOU listen to me.” She can’t remember having a conversation with him, it was always Bold Print.

Unfortunately, believers mistakenly see the Ten Commandments as Bold Print, “Thou shalt not.” But essentially the commandments, every one of them, are based upon love and uttered in love. Our Lord taught, that was true of both parts of the table of the Law, as He exhorted to love God and to love our neighbours as ourselves. If the Ten Commandments do speak in Bold Print to us, is it because we are breaking some of them.