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An Important People

If you make a phone call in the U.K. to a business or some provider, one is put on hold and music is played. The tune is constantly interrupted by a voice saying, “Sorry for the delay, but your call is important to us.” This goes on for quite some time, and no doubt gains extra money for the phone company. The voice continually assures that they consider their customer is important to them. Although probably, it is not so much that the enquirer is important, but his or her businesses. 

Generally, on a wider scale, the Christian is not important to the world. The world views Christianity with jaundiced eyes, seeing no beauty in it, just as they viewed Christ. Paul speaks of being the off-scourings of this world. There is a rejection and despising of the Church, which was also directed at our Lord. So those who follow Christ are not thought well of, and are of no importance. But there is One who thinks highly of us, and calls us His peculiar treasure, or purchased treasure. His people are important to Him, so much so that He gave Himself for them, even to the death of the cross. Christian friend, if you feel neglected, spurned or unimportant, then be assured that you are all important to the Lord. He loves you, and gave Himself for you.