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A White World

The weather centre had been warning for days through the various media, that snow and blizzards were to be expected. We were in England at the beginning of this week, and noted the forecast. But it is always a surprise when you go to bed as usual, and then wake up and draw the curtains, and the whole outlook has changed. 

Everything was clad in white, and the houses and trees had taken on a fairytale scene. It is always an enjoyable sight. But once the sun exerted its warming influences, the scene returned to its normal winter colouring. There had been a form of purity and whiteness that did not endure, as much as the grandchildren wanted it to remain. 

The Welsh for blessed, is ‘gwyn ei fyd,’ which means ‘a white world,’ so that the beatitude, “Blessed are the pure in heart” would read, “White the world the pure in heart.” The blessedness of being in Christ is that it is a whited world. A purity and sanctity of soul that will progress and endure through time, and be completed in eternity.