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A Sabbath Without Corporate Worship

The snow continues to fall, the icy conditions prevail. The country is running out of salted grit and many older people are confined indoors because of hazardous pavements. Not only schools are closed, but even churches have been forced to shut because of frozen car parks and side roads. It may seem strange to us that the Lord would have His sanctuaries closed on the Sabbath, yet that is what providence arranged through inclement weather. In His divine pleasure it suited His purpose that His people had to forego their opportunities to gather together. We can only acquiesce, and confess that He doeth all things well, and Thy will be done. 

But it did give thought to what was being missed. A Sabbath without corporate worship is a long, long day. Yes, it does give an opportunity to personally reflect, read, rest and render unto the Lord our private worship. But there is still that missing element of fellowshipping with the Lord’s people, on the Lord’s day, in the Lord’s house. And by such circumstances a lesson is learnt. That is, firstly, not to take the ordinances for granted, and thereby to lose spiritual anticipation. And secondly, the wisdom of God in commanding, “Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together.” So that the benefits derived from the community of the saints, are to be deeply appreciated. Even inclement weather becomes a tutor to those who love God and His house.