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A Good Name

The influence of Christianity upon the UK could be traced through names! Back in my father’s generation, and especially before him, boys and girls were given Biblical names. They were taken from the whole range of scripture to baptise infants with suitable names. Ebenezer and Omri, Nathan and Seth, Ezekiel and Elisha would be some for boys, whilst Sarah, Lois, Abigail, Rebekah and Keziah are some that adorned the girls.

But as true religion has waned, the use of Biblical names has gone out of fashion. So that now we have reached the point of absurdity, in that modern couples virtually make up names. I recently heard from a nurse, who works on a delivery ward, of a recent birth of triplets The first child was called ‘Costa,’ the second ‘Del,’ and the third, ‘Sol!’ Now Costa del Sol is a favourite Spanish region for U.K. holidaymakers.

Although I laughed when I heard it, it struck me how things have deteriorated. Names in the past had real meanings, especially Biblical names. We can ask the question, How is God to be known? The answer is, By His Names and Titles. They tell us things of His nature and attributes. Then think of the name ‘Jesus.’ It has basically this meaning, ‘He shall save from sins,’ Have you experienced the Name of Jesus? And have you received a new name, a son of God?