Toddler's Catechism

The use of the Catechism for the instruction of the young in the church is an ancient and time-tested biblical method. We have, as such adopted a catechism regime that includes Bible History Catechisms as well as Doctrinal or Creedal Catechisms.

Our children would typically begin the regime once they are able to repeat the answers given in the Beginner's book I. Before that they attend a class where they are taught one question each week from the Catechism for the Very Young and then listen to a Bible Story.

Some of our parents eager to start their children at the Beginner level, have, however, found it to be too great a transition from the Toddler's Class to the Beginner's I class.

This catechism booklet is produced with the hope of narrowing the jump. It is still based on the Catechism for the Very Young. The child should still be trained to memorise one question each week. But a set of supplementary questions are provided to help the parents ensure that the child understands (as much as possible) what he is memorising.   - Ps JJ Lim