Ten Sets Of Questions 
to Ask Myself as I Prepare to Come 
to the Lord’s Table

  1. Do I truly believe that Christ suffered and died to pay for the penalty due to my sin? Do I believe that I am accepted of God not because I am good enough but because of Christ’s righteousness imputed to me?
  2. Do I know what the bread and wine at the Supper represent? Have I reflected on the suffering of Christ for my sake? Do I love Him, and am truly filled with gratitude for Him?
  3. Do I believe that such as partake of the Supper by faith partakes of the body and blood of Christ broken and shed for him? Do I know what is meant by the Spiritual Presence View and why we do not believe in Transubstantiation, Consubstantiation and the Purely Memorial View?
  4. Have I honestly examined my heart with the help of the Spirit to see if there be any wicked ways in me? Am I honestly repulsed by the sin I see in my heart?
  5. Can I name one way in which I have grown in grace since the last time I partook of the Lord’s Supper? Have I taken steps to correct my shortfalls and failures?
  6. Can I honestly say that I do sincerely love the brethren with whom I am coming to the Table with and that I bear no grudge against anyone? Can I sincerely say that I have forgiven all wrongs against me by anyone in the communion, and that it is not merely lip-service that I say so?
  7. Is there someone who has been holding a grudge against me? Did I try to seek reconciliation with him or her?
  8. What is my besetting sin? Have I sincerely sought to deal with it with the help of the Holy Spirit and godly brethren?
  9. Do I have a sincere desire to turn away from sin to walk in newness of life? Am I able to describe distinctly what it looks like to turn away from sin and to walk in newness of life?
  10. Can I honestly say that if the Lord is standing at the table at the Supper, He will approve of my coming to sup with Him despite my sin, because I am coming in contrition rather than hypocrisy?

—JJ Lim